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Radha Kalayana - Episode 961 - January 24, 2015 - Full Episode

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Serial: Radha Kalyana
Episode Number:961
Telecast Date: January 24, 2015
Shanthanu persuades Jaanki to convince Sooryakanth Desai and his family members to welcome Sharadha back to their home. Jaanki panics saying that she she doesn't has the audacity to do it. Shanthanu tricks Jaanki stating that Sharadha is really disquieted with her loneliness and wishes to spend her last days along with her family. Jaanki tells Shanthanu that she will try her level best. Shanthanu tells Jaanki that he will take the responsibility of convincing Radhika and Nanjugudi. Meanwhile, Vishu comes across two men and borrows a phone from one of the men to make a call to his home. Vishu calls several numbers up and gets disappointed after finding that no one is picking up his call. Vishu then calls Raju and fortunately, Raju picks up the call and is amazed to hear Vishu's voice. Vishu asks Raju to find him about the particular town, so he could share something important with him. Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead.
It is every girl's dream to have the perfect marriage but, unfortunately, it is not so in the real world. The dream is real, but reality changes course when destiny takes charge. In spite of having had a perfect marriage, some are fated to lead the tragic life of a spinster. Radha Kalyana is the story of one such ill-fated girl named Radhika. In a pilgrimage town of Madhurapura near Mysore, lives Radhika a sweet and dedicated young daughter of Poornachandra Shastry and Devaki. Radhika was found abandoned as an infant in the temple managed by Poornachandra Shastry. Adopted and raised as a daughter, she is a homely, dutiful and hardworking girl. The biological daughter of Poornachandra Shastry is Vishaka, a happy-go-lucky girl aspiring to make it big as an actress in the Kannada film industry. She is a rebel to the rigid beliefs of her family. Subhadramma, the nagging mother of Poornachandra Shastry, dislikes Radhika and constantly finds reasons to harass her. The Bharadwajas are a known name in Madhurapura. Jaganatha Bharadwaj is the head of the Bharadwaj family. He is a strict and a powerful businessman who has retained his family traditions and values. He returns to Madhurapura to see his birthplace and in the hope of an heir for his family. Rukmini is a supportive wife who, like her husband, honors the family name and values. They are accompanied by his mother, Kalyani Bharadwaj, a widow who is a staunch devotee of Lord Krishna. Also in the family are Vikas and Jhanvi; the older son and daughter-in-law respectively of the Bharadwaj family. Jhanvi's jealousy and hatred for the family comes from this discomfort of being childless. The hopes of the family now lie upon the younger son Vishal, who is yet to be married. The story moves ahead with the dilemma of Radhika and Kishore the numerous challenges that Radhika has to endure.


After Vishakha and Radhika got married, most of the jealous family members try to disrupt the love and peace between them. Shanthanu goes to an extent of murder attempt on Vishu.

While everybody thinks Vishu is dead, Radhika alone believes that he is still alive and will come back one day. While everybody is questioning the whereabouts of Vishu, suddenly somebody who looks exactly like Vishu has surfaced somewhere in coastal Karnataka.

Is he the real Vishu? If yes, why did he go that far? What happened to him that day exactly?

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