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Punar Vivaha - Episode 381 - September 18, 2014

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Serial: Punar Vivaha
Episode Number:381
Telecast Date: September 18, 2014
Marriage is said to be an institution that brings two people together. Marriage can also bring two broken hearts together. What happens to a person's life outlook and expectations from relationships? Surya and Aarti have both been married; Surya's wife is dead, while Aarti is divorced. They marry each other, mostly for the sake of their children, and end up falling in love. The story of Punarvivaha focuses on Surya-Aarti's relationship, their relationships with each others' children in their new roles as step-parents, and the process of fitting in to the new family structure.


After the initial hiccups in their relationship, Aarathi & Surya finally realize a true love in them for each other. They together start a new life along with their kids. They teach their kids to co exist in this whole new environment. Aarathi gets pregnant with Surya's child and heaven is next to her now. But everything is not rosy here.

Some of the family members hate the presence of Aarathi in Surya's house. Aarathi has to cope up with this challenge of winning them all. In addition to this, Shashank suddenly appears in the scene and confronts Aarathi. He wants his kid back now.

When Aarathi disagrees, he tries to lure away his kid by playing his usual innocence and sympathy. When none of these worked as planned, he puts a case against Aarathi & Surya, stating that his kid is not being raised with proper care, and after Aarathi delivers her own child with Surya, his child will suffer from negligence. The court heeds his appeal and directs the family to send the first child to him regularly.

Shashank is trying his best to retain his son but finding it difficult because he has never taken care of his child so far. Will he able to disrupt the peace and happiness in Aarathi & Surya's life completely or will the couple triumph over all these difficulties and manage to lead a beautiful life? The question remains...

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