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Punar Vivaha - Episode 412 - October 31, 2014

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Serial: Punar Vivaha
Episode Number:412
Telecast Date: October 31, 2014
Nirosha calls to Aditya's phone but Aarthi asks Sakshi to cut the call. Sakshi tells Aarthi that Nirosha might get upset if nobody recieves the call, Sakshi picks the call and tells Nirosha that Aditya isn't in home and tells her that she'll meet her at the shop. Meanwhile Arya is investigating his younger brother Aditya, Arya asks Aditya to tell him why did he attempt to kill Ranjith. Aditya asks Arya to visit Ranjith and ask him why did Aditya try to kill Ranjith, and file the case on his witness. Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead. Marriage is said to be an institution that brings two people together. Marriage can also bring two broken hearts together. What happens to a person's life outlook and expectations from relationships? Surya and Aarti have both been married; Surya's wife is dead, while Aarti is divorced. They marry each other, mostly for the sake of their children, and end up falling in love. The story of Punarvivaha focuses on Surya-Aarti's relationship, their relationships with each others' children in their new roles as step-parents, and the process of fitting in to the new family structure.


Twenty years down the line, Surya and Arathi are living separately because of the confusion created by Arpitha and Rakhi. Sakshi and Aryan stay with Surya who is now a local MLA. Adhi stays with Arathi who now works as a teacher in a primary school. While Arpitha stays with Surya and is his personal assistant, Surya's heart still longs for Arathi.

Arpitha has spread a lot of hatred in Aryan's mind against Arathi and he has grown up to hate his mother. Adhi still holds a grudge against Surya listening to Arpitha and raising his hand on Arathi, 20 years ago. But Surya's mother Gayatri, Sakshi want Arathi back in Surya's life. Sakshi has realised the evil intentions of Arpitha and blames her for her parent's separation. Surya and Arathi have finally found each other after all these years, but still some unspoken words hold them back from living together again.

Meanwhile there is a boy called Ranjeet in Sakshi's life, who unknown to everybody is the son of a evil industrialist - Chidambaram. Ranjeet wants to get married to Sakshi only to take some revenge on her father Surya.
Will the children sort out their issues among themselves and reunite Surya and Arathi? Only time will tell...

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