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Oggarane Dabbi - Episode 974 - January 23, 2015 - Full Episode

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Serial: Oggarane Dabbi
Episode Number:974
Telecast Date: January 23, 2015
Murali welcomes all the viewers to the famous cookery of show of Karnataka Oggarane Dabbi. In the first segment the Mr. Anand prepares "Sir Shirnaka Murgi". In the second segment, Bala Krishna Guruji prepares "Radish Parotha". In the third segment Shankutala Ravi prepares "Palak Chicken Kabab". While in the last segment, Prakash Rao prepares "Fish Vadaa". Watch the full show to know the recipes used to prepare these dishes.
Oggarane Dabbi is Zee Kannada's popular cookery show, it illustrates effortless ways to prepare tasty recipes by using ingredients that are easily available at home. The program is divided into five segments. In the first segment a renowned Chef will come to the sets and show the audience how to prepare mouth watering and tasty recipes. The Chefs will show both vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes throughout the week; however Mondays and Thursdays are dedicated to vegetarian dishes. In the second segment a renowned Guruji will come to the Oggarane Dabbi kitchens and prepare nutritious recipes without using oil. During this segment the Guruji will also speak about household remedies one can try at home. During the third and fourth expert cooks will be chosen from the audience who will come and demonstrate recipes that are a specialty of the region they come from and that they have inherited from their family over the generations. During the last segment another expert Chef will show the audience how they can prepare recipes that they always wanted to prepare in a much simpler way.

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