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Chi Sow Savithri - Episode 1183 - October 22, 2014

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Serial: Chi Sow Savithri
Episode Number:1183
Telecast Date: October 22, 2014
Kaanchana is seen speaking to Vaishali, she has decided that she would be going to Singapore. Kaanchana further assures that she is doing this so she couldn't trouble anybody. Vaishali is seen speechless and emotional too, Kaanchana meets Savithri, Savithri pleads Kaanchana to stay here and not to go to Singapore as she has nobody to take care of there. Savithri fails to convince Kaanchana. Watch the full episode to know what happens ahead. Chi Sow Savithri is the story of Savitri, a 26-year old girl from a village called Balibeedi. Savitri's mother Padmavati returned to her maternal home in Balibeedi with her three daughters (Savitri, Vinuta and Ranjita) about 15 years ago. The reason for Padmavati's return - a bitter experience with her husband, Nanjunda - is not clear. When Padmavati returned, her father Vishwanath welcomed her and the children with open arms. Unfortunately, when the 11-year-old Savitri sat on his lap, Vishwanath suffered a paralytic attack and was confined to bed ever since. Vishwanath's son Srinivas, who works in Bangalore, did not return to take care of his ailing father. It was up to Padmavati and Savitri to tend to Vishwanath for nearly 15 years. When Savitri came of age, Padmavati made repeated attempts to get her married off; none of them were fruitful. After her grandfather's accident, Savitri came to be considered an ill-women by everyone around her.


Savitri and Satya have returned to the city with their new born daughter Nandita. Everybody is happy with the new addition to their family and there is a sense of joy in the air.

On the other hand Pratap's wife Kanchana is unable to conceive. Kanchana too loves Nandita but slowly as time passes Kanchana begins to feel the need to have a child of her own. Her desire to have a child is so strong that she begins to develop a notional pregnancy wherein she gets all the symptoms of regular pregnancy but is not actually carrying a child. Savitri knows her condition but is unable to convey it to her thinking it will crush all her hopes.

To allow Kanchana to experience the joys of motherhood Savitri decides a bear a child and give it to Kanchana. Savitri's doctor advises her against this decision because it might be dangerous to Savitri.

Will Savitri go ahead with her decision? What will be the consequences?

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